1 day with 9 ways to Self-care take care of yourself to be healthy (Self-care)

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1 day with 9 ways to Self-care take care of yourself to be healthy (Self-care)

Good health everyone wants. But how many people will turn to care? Seriously take care of your health from the situation we are facing. Regarding the news of the outbreak of COVID-19 that is spreading heavily And there is more and more violence Including news that vaccines cannot prevent disease. It is believed that many People are in a stressful situation. 

Living each day with anxiety, many people are worried about others. want other people to be happy I forgot to think about myself before we wish well or pass on happiness to others We must have good health. Strong both physically and mentally Good health is not for sale. Today we have 8 ways to take care of your health in 1 day (Self-Care) for you. Starting from at UFABET.

1. Take care of your own health.

1.1 Eating nutritious food and eating on time Give importance to eating breakfast. as well as drinking enough clean water during the day It’s a simple way that you can take care of yourself every day.

1.2 Get enough sleep Quality sleep is about getting enough sleep and giving your body enough time to feel rested. Wake up refreshed and energized. Going to Self-care bed and waking up at the same time is another way to help maintain sleep balance.

1.3 Exercise Regular exercise can help you stay physically healthy, have energy, improve your mood, and reduce stress and anxiety. The important thing is that when choosing a form of exercise that you like or that suits you, then start doing it today. and make it a routine

2. Be kind to yourself.

I believe Self-care that each person will have bad days. some in one life when things It may not be as you hoped, but putting too much pressure or strict frames on yourself. may worsen the situation. Please be kind to yourself and give yourself some encouragement. Treat yourself the way you would treat a friend in the same situation.

3. Take up a hobby or learn a new skill.

Allocating time to hobbies that interest us or learning new skills In addition to being entertaining, there are many benefits. Maybe try finding fun and creative activities to do. This will help us feel better about ourselves. Help us to hone our skills and expertise. And it also gives us the opportunity to meet new people. learn new things boost confidence increase their potential It’s also a great opportunity. to prepare for future jobs as well

4. Make yourself useful (Help other people)

Being part of groups, clubs, community projects As well as volunteer work, charitable work, or even helping people we know as little as we can, not only benefit others. If, however, it has created a good feeling of value for oneself as well.

5. Make time to relax.

Allow yourself to relax and relax. There are a number of ways that help us unleash ourselves creatively. Whether it’s music, music, art, muscle relaxation, imagination, or even meditation, it’s a very good option.

6. Strengthen relationships

Turning to communicate with family and friends. Sometimes good encouragement or good ideas, different perspectives. We may also be able to meet from people close to ourselves.

7. Avoid intoxicating drinks and addictive substances.

 Dependence on drugs or alcohol to alleviate suffering Besides not a good solution. It also adds to the problem even more.

8. Look at the big picture or big picture of the event.

We all value meaning. or interpreting the situation from our own point of view Therefore, looking at the events that we face with the big picture or the big picture can help adjust our perspective. Ask yourself how we value or mean this. what we look at as facts Or is it just our opinion? And if other people look at this matter, how can they look at it? etc.

9. Accept: It’s just like that.

We tend to resist Self-care and can’t accept what we don’t like or are unhappy with. But if we change to just being aware and learning from that. in some situations We may not be able to change anything. Things, whether happy or unhappy, are not permanent. Accepting it and changing your perspective on it helps to make life easier. “Since we can’t stop the raging waves, let’s ride the waves.”