It’s not difficult to create good health. Just adjust the daily life right.

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It’s not difficult to create good health. Just adjust the daily life right.

Being “healthy” is not difficult. We just have to pay attention to the small details. For this reason. We are ready to encourage Thai people to pay attention to creating good health. with health care techniques in one day Techniques. That will help create good health…anyone can do it. It’s easy at UFABET!

Create good health…in the morning.

– Breakfast is the most important meal! As they say, when eating breakfast, choose to eat like a ‘king’, meaning you can eat everything. Because we will need energy for the rest of the day. Just need to pay attention to the matter of calories. And should eat a variety to replenish the minerals and nutrients to the body completely.

– Late morning, drinking hot drinks Stimulates good rejuvenation. Whether it’s tea or coffee But must pay attention to other ingredients, whether it is sugar, coffee mate or sweetened condensed milk, should be added in small amounts. Or drink black coffee at all, it would be better.

Create good health… during the day.

– Lunch should eat a variety. Eating at the same restaurants, same menus, may cause us to receive only the same nutrients. or turn to choose to eat clean food It will help reduce the intake of fat into the body. along with avoiding fried, fried foods

– Afternoon , focus on water because it can freshen up the body For some people who feel hungry Drinking water can help fill your stomach. Or choose to eat fresh fruits that have less sugar like guava and apple instead, it’s good as well.

– sitting in the office Should consider the posture of use. To prevent office syndrome, such as sitting straight back If sitting and getting tired, find a pillow to support your back. in order to have relaxation Reduce the weight that can be pressed. and if sitting for a long time should go out for a walk and stretch some lines

Create good health…in the evening.

– Exercise is important in order to keep the body strong and healthy. Before exercising, you should find light food such as fruit, bread, eat first, otherwise after exercising you will feel hungry and eat more than usual.

– supper should be a light meal because during the night we rarely use energy Plus the stomach doesn’t have to work hard. Should choose food such as porridge or salad and should eat at least 2 hours or more before going to bed. to prevent gastroesophageal reflux disease

– Sleep to refresh the body and brain should sleep 6-8 hours a day.

Reduce “belly”, reduce the risk of “obesity”

At present, “Obesity” is a concern for Thai people. Because the rate of people who are overweight is increasing. Obesity causes the risk of many diseases, including diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood fat, heart disease, kidney disease, etc.

“Lose belly” as a source of fat accumulation. inevitably reduces the risk of disease as well Therefore, we should start taking care of ourselves from the diet, reducing and giving up foods that taste salty and sweet. Including reducing oily foods to limit the amount of fat taken into the body.