What is Cardio exercise?

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Cardio exercise It is an exercise that helps strengthen the muscles of the heart and strengthen the lungs. Helps transport oxygen to the heart and lungs better. It also stimulates the heart rate. Adjust blood pressure levels to normal. And it can also burn off energy from eating excess food.

Who is cardio suitable for?

Cardio exercise Suitable for people who are concerned about the health of their heart, blood vessels, blood pressure, and lungs, including people who want to lose weight, lose weight, and people who are interested in taking care of their overall health. Want to have a strong immune system? Slow down the deterioration of various parts of the body. Want yourself to not get tired easily. Have strength to walk and run or go up the stairs Easily climb mountains.UFABET  

What are some methods of cardio exercise?

Cardio exercise is divided into 2 main types: those with high first strength. and low impact force

High-impact exercise Suitable for general people who do not have bone problems. or excessive body weight

  • run
  • jump rope
  • Do aerobic dancing or exercise with heavy basic postures such as T25.
  • Zumba dance

Low-impact cardio exercise Suitable for those who are concerned about bone problems such as ankle bones. knee bone or have too much weight. Therefore, it is unable to support the shock that occurs from using the force of the leg to land heavily on the ground.

  • riding a bicycle
  • swim
  • walk
  • Rowing a boat
  • Exercise on an elliptical trainer.