Agent confident Romelu Lukaku will recover quickly

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Agent confident Romelu Lukaku will recover quickly. Federico Pastorello’s agent Romelu Lukaku is confident the striker will return to Chelsea ahead of schedule.

The Belgian forward was injured in the Champions League clash with Malmo on Wednesday. After the race, Thomas Tuchel confirmed that this spear will miss the team for a while.

In the past game, Lukaku had an ankle problem with Lasse Nielsen and had to leave the field. Its causing Kai Havertz to play instead.

Agent confident Romelu Lukaku will recover quickly

However, Pastorello told ufabet and Sky Sports he is not worried. Because he knows Lukaku is strong and will return to action soon. this for sure

“I’m not worried because Lukaku is a player who really wants to play. And the truth is that he was still on the pitch after the penalty stroke. It didn’t look good to me because he was the one who got up straight away.

“He sat down for about four minutes, I was with Petr Cech and I told him during the game that there was something I feared because he wasn’t the one who pretended to do something.

“When he stood I thought it was a bad sign and we are now waiting for the results to know more about his condition. If you see pictures or videos The position of the ankle is where the weight of the body is supported. but he is strong And wants to play every game, so he will come back stronger soon, I’m sure.