‘Ancelotti’ hits back at the media’s attempt to deflect the issue

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Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti slammed some media outlets for trying to divert the focus to focus on the players after Vinicius Jr. testified in court over charges of racial abuse from fans.

The Brazil international star gave evidence at a court in Valencia yesterday (Thursday) after being racially abused by a fan in the Mestalla stadium on May 21. The Valencia club released a statement calling out

. Let Vinicius come out and clear up his testimony. After reports surfaced that the player testified that fans throughout the stadium were involved in racially abusing him, local Valencia newspaper Superdeporte

also ran a front page article calling Vinicius a “Pinocchius”. which suggests that he acted like Pinocchio and that he lied to the judge.

“They are changing the issue. The point is that Vinicius is a victim of racism. Whether it’s from one football fan, ten people, a thousand people or ten thousand people. That doesn’t change the issue,” Ancelotti said. ทางเข้า ufabet

“We have players who have been victims of racism and now there is a case in court. Some media want to divert the issue. That’s a shame and makes me angry. “

Vinicius is OK. He’s still as motivated as ever. I haven’t talked to him yet. I don’t know what he said. No one knows what he said in court. But he is fine and happy to play tomorrow.”