Cole and Crouch have assessed Liverpool will win every championship

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BT Sports analysts Joe Cole and Peter Crouch have assessed Liverpool ‘s performance at the start of the 2021-22 season to pass the title test. I just wish the main one didn’t crash at the same time. It is believed that there will be a chance to win success in every program until the end of the road.

‘ Reds ‘ just beat Atletico . Madrid 3-2 as the visiting team that Santa Mesa Castro Hippolytus Romano Group Stage Bush years . This makes it 12 matches unbeaten in all entries yet. European football situation at the top of the group The English Premier League is one point behind leaders Chelsea.

Consistent results because of the attacking game , the back of the house can be trusted with pillars such as Mohamed Salah , Virgil van Dijk , Alisson Becker , Fabinho or Jordan Henderson. Marsson is free from injury, and if he continues to maintain himself like this. The two alumni believe Jürgen Klopp’s side are in contention for the title after missing last season.  

Cole and Crouch have assessed Liverpool will win every championship

” The game last night, I think the weaknesses of Liverpool 2-3 in the case of Nabeel nine Italians could shoot pretty fresh today. But they looked tough when Fabinho was in the team, ” Crouch said of Keita , who was substituted at half-time for the Brazilian.  

“It felt like the defender was pushing too high, allowing Antoine Griezmann to run over while hitting it from his own half . ” 

” It’s risky to stage g PS . Suppose you encounter rival Mbabe Giuseppe , Lionel Messi or Neymar Jr., of Paris Saint – Germain challenge. run with the pace they have When pushing the panel high like that, there’s work going on. ” 

“ But I feel like they are the best team. Think they are favorites to win in Rio . And Teng Premier League England “. 

While Cole is concerned, the main example because it only last season. But Van Dyke Gimpy went haywire system.  

“ I agree with that. Had said during the first year of Bush . English clubs, then the candidate is still adamant that, ” the former Play Gerber, 10, of Anfield added.  

” I think that Chelsea , Manchester City and Liverpool taxes than Manchester United, but the ‘ Red Devils ‘ point perfectly when they would step up to the other team .”

“The four great city clubs have never been this strong at the same time. At night, when Liverpool won a great team like Atletico . Madrid , although the ‘ Reds ‘ are not the best game of its own. But it won the victory as the visiting team successfully. ” 

“ I don’t think they have any weaknesses. The only obstacle to success is the same player injury problem as last year. ” 

The favorites for the championship fight . Last four teams of the Premier League, English is the Manchester City Teng (7/2), Liverpool going four (13/2), Chelsea favorites fifth (8/1) and Manchester United. Sixth favorite (13/1)