Joan Laporta believes Barca still attracts big names.

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Barcelona president Joan Laporta believes Azul Grana are still attracting interest from big-name players to the Catalan giants.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta insists Azulgrana are still in a good position. UFABET To sign big-name players in the transfer window following the signing of Ferran Tor. The Spain international comes from Manchester City for €55 million plus €10 million in bonuses. According to Deario Sport on Tuesday. 

Barcelona are facing financial problems with both massive debt. And player salaries that exceed La Liga’s ceiling. Although both issues remain. But the Azul Grana team have also signed Ferran from the sailing team for a large fee. But can not register players until the club has cleared the salary ceiling under the rules of the Bull City League.

However, Laporta has also boasted that Azulgra could be a club that will attract the attention of big-name players and a potential future transfer to the Catalan giants. too 

‘We are in the transfer market’ Laporta said. ‘All the greatest players are contemplating the possibility of coming to Barca. 

‘While we are in the (market) we have to look at the economic situation. But we are improving and everything is possible.’

‘There is some urgent need this season to try to win as many games as possible.’

‘The result against Mallorca is very important. And now we have Linares (Copa del Rey) and the Super Copa we will try to win. And we are on the Europa League stage.’

‘The team has demands and we want to make sure the trainers are satisfied. Ferran’s arrival is very important for the project,’ Laporta said.