Jose Mourinho admits his mistake

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Roma manager Jose Mourinho admits his mistake and says the team deserved to lose their last match.

Roma were defeated 1-6 by Bodo Glimt in the Conference League on Thursday night. Which is considered a desperate defeat of Giallorossi. 

After the game, the Portuguese coach revealed that it was all his responsibility to organize the team. and accept the defeat that happened to the team.

“After being down 1-3 we were completely out of control. and seems to be scoring goals in every The moment they got the ball,” Mourinho said.

“Explaining clearly They are stronger and it’s my fault. Because their first team is better than our second team. The team with the highest quality wins.

“It’s my responsibility. I use these players. However. If I use the first team players. Some players may be injured. Then we might have to concede four or five goals against Napoli this Sunday and that decision will be considered wrong.”

However, Mourinho’s men endured a nightmare night in the Europa Conference League. As they trailed Bodo/Glimt 2-1 going into half-time.

Jose Mourinho admits his mistake

Roma were unable to mount a successful comeback. And the situation worsened with their Norwegian opponents running riot in the second half.

The 6-1 defeat marked the first time that Mourinho, who manage over 1,000 matches. He has seen one of his sides concede six times in his managerial career.

Speaking after the match, the Roma manager shouldered some of the blame and admitted that he wanted to provide an opportunity to “those who work hard.”

Mourinho told Sky Sport Italy (via Football Italia): “I decided to play with this line-up, so the responsibility is mine.

“I did it with good intentions, to give an opportunity to those who work hard and to rotate the squad on a synthetic pitch in cold weather. I decided to rest many players.”

Mourinho didn’t hold back in his criticism towards his players and insisted that Bodo/Glimt “showed more quality” than his team.

“We lost against a team that showed more quality on the night. It’s that simple,” he continued.

“If I could always play with the same XI, then I would. It’s risky, because we have a huge gap in quality between the two groups of players.

“I knew the limits of this squad, it is not new to me, but I still expected a better response. As I said, it’s my choice to play them, so my responsibility.