Josep Guardiola compares his academy with delicious ingredients

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Josep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, compares the produce from his own academy to delicious ingredients. It just needs a chef to create a mellow menu that requires patience and support. Because when successful, the result will be like Phil Foden or Cole Palmer, which defeated Club Brugge 5-1 yesterday.

Foden played in the starting line -up with outstanding assists and unlocked assists, while 19- year- old Palmer came on the bench for a stunning 4-0  turn.

There was also a striker Liam good lap , left back Josh Wilson – S brand or midfielder James McCarty Gauthier at Pepsi identified as a serving dish up a notch.  

Josep Guardiola compares his academy with delicious ingredients

“ People in this world want instant success, but the truth is that everything takes time – you can’t have a great dish without spending time in the kitchen. ” The 50- year old boss opened his mouth. 

“ Cole has a unique quality that is hard to find. He often finishes like that. The kid came up to practice with our big team and absorbed all the basic principles. He is the future player of the club. ” 

” We also have Liam good lap , Sam Edo C , Luke M. Vicente Abate , Romeo Flavia – five or six people who were capable of great Academy. Who knows from now on if they continue to modestly practice hard? It can be a reserve for Man City . ” 

“ In Palmer ‘s case , he played three or four minutes against Burnley on Saturday. Then score three goals for the youth team the next day. ” 

“ Some players can be lazy – oh I have a condition. Don’t want to play baby football – but he wants to be there. Hit the hat-trick and show what you can do. ” 

Palmer is not attained legal age players (19 years, 166 days ), conditions which third in the history of Manchester City , who fired on the list of years . After four residences and Skeleton Ricci ‘s elder brother, Nacho.