‘Kane’ to return to the Spurs practice field Saying goodbye to a friend

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A report from the Daily Mail revealed that Harry Kane has been allow to return to the training field. “Golden Spurs” Tottenham Hotspur again next week. To have the opportunity to say goodbye to former colleagues,

Kane is a legendary striker at the club. He has been with the team since youth level. Created many personal records. and is the club’s all-time top scorer Before moving to Bayern Munich in the summer at a price of 120 million pounds, ทางเข้า https://ufabet999.com/

however, the transfer situation during the summer This left him with no chance to say goodbye to his teammates and Spurs staff,

namely Spurs and Bayern. An agreement was reached on the evening of August 10,

then the next day. With the transfer process completed, Kane requested permission to enter the training ground to say goodbye to his friends one last time, while Ange Postecoglou was preparing the team for the opening match against Brentford on the 13th. August

But because he already had a contract with Bayern Munich. Spurs denied him access to the training ground. For fear that it would be inappropriate And there is a chance that he will be injured. This may affect the deal to collapse.

However, Kane will return to Enfield, Spurs training center. next week When the England national team will use the facility to train before playing against Italy in the Euro 2024 qualifiers on October 17, a

report from the Daily Mail revealed that Kane will be given access to all necessary areas of the training center in order to have a chance to meet. With former teammates and club staff once again,

England will begin training as usual at Burton. before departing for North London on Thursday. and play a friendly against Australia on Friday.

Gareth Southgate’s team will then use the Spurs training center for further training on Saturday before meeting Italy on Tuesday.

This is because it coincides with the national team program. Kane will not be able to meet a number of his former teammates. who have to travel back to serve their own country While it is not yet clear whether Postecoglou and his staff will be working at the training centre, it is certain that

Kane will bid farewell to the staff working behind the scenes at the club.