Napoli coach has praised the players for good performance

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Luciano Spalletti, the Napoli coach has praised the players for doing well and being patient to win the title.

Azzura defeated Lygia Warsaw 3-0 in Europa League Group C on Thursday. So the Italian representatives now have 4 points from 3 games.

“It was difficult to break them down. But we never lose order. Because losing that can leave a gap and it becomes very dangerous.

“Don’t forget that this Legia Warsaw team beat Leicester City as the time progresses. We have not lost control of ourselves. We proceeded patiently and waited for luck to approach us.

“When you have multiple attacking players We can look for diversity and try new approaches. To attack opponents, with Osiemen, Mertens and Insigne on the pitch, it is much easier to look for a wonderful moment.

“Still, we are keeping our balance, Elmas working hard. And when you have this attitude in a player It was easy for the coaches.

“I am very happy. I think it’s difficult to play better tonight. At least the players have a response to those who say Napoli are not interested in the Europa League.”