Paul Scholes has noticed Paul Pogba may not be in Solskjaer’s plans

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Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has noticed that World Cup-winning midfielder Paul Pogba may not be in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s plans because of an important game like the PSC yesterday. Even if it’s an important date But he is still being squeezed by Fred for the starting 11.

Drama of Pogba has all market buy – sell because no elite player a new contract, which will end the season 2021-22 , this plus an interview from teammates blame game against Leicester at the weekend 2. 4 alluding Boss Soul tea easy decision to drop back.  

With all the clues Scholes took the old midfielder decide. That 28 years is not the first choice of Old Tampa, FL Ford, the longer the waiting time from now.

Paul Scholes has noticed Paul Pogba may not be in Solskjaer’s plans

” Solskjaer doesn’t trust Pogba to play in midfield duo, ” the nickname ‘ Red Devils ‘ analyzed the reason Ole used Scott McTominay – Fred in the starting line-up. Before Paul, who came on. Reserve half to win the match Atalanta 3-2 group F h Ps . yesterday.

“ I think Ole has tried to trust Paul, gave him many chances and wanted to do well. But what I see is that when it comes down to it, the midfield plays with a lack of discipline. ” 

“ It’s an expensive installment for both of them. Then it’s an important match that Solskjaer needs to get the results right. ” 

“ The lack of trust in the players is not a good thing. Pogba might be offended but it should be ignored and fight to get back in the starting XI. ”

Pogba has been a key figure in most of the league games, and has hit seven assists for the weekend starter against Liverpool at Old Trafford.