Paul Scholes is worried about Manchester United Performance

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Paul Scholes is worried about Manchester United Performance. BT Sport analyst Paul Scholes, has expressed concern to former club Manchester United that the weekend’s clash with rivals Liverpool could end in a losing streak. If they show the same results as the first half, the match overtaken Atalanta 3-2 in the group stage of the Champions League yesterday.

United were down 0-2 in the first 45 minutes, with Marcus Rashford , Harry Maguire and Cristiano Ronaldo swapping out the net to help the team come back three points. Asthma caught  

The overall picture, though the game is booming at the Old Tampa, FL Ford, but if you choose Scholes wants to see the ‘ Red Devils ‘ play with stillness and better standards if they face ‘ Reds ‘ that game. Defensively tighter than the Khon team, Gian Piero Gasperini.  

“ I was excited about Manchester United ‘s game yesterday but overall the first half was more exciting than the second half. If done early because I do not have asthma so tired, ” author of 11 league titles , two Champions Beach PS . The United states.

“ Meet Atalanta , missing five key players. The game is exciting, but the work that comes out makes it not fun at all. It’s a concern. Personally, I think that the team lacks unity. If you have to fight with a team than this, will it be okay ? The answer is no. ”

“It was a great night. But the first half’s form is worrisome. ” 

“In a neutral way it can be a great match , full of excitement , a lot of goals. But I’m a person who views the world on the basis of the truth. So expect more from them, Manchester United shouldn’t have to concede goals like that. ”

“ Fighting against good competitors is true. But it’s not a world – class grade, because if you find that level, it’s hard to escape. ” 

“ You celebrate every victory. Just the results of the first half made me very worried. Can people tell me I’m pessimistic? However, when looking at the game and think against Liverpool this weekend or duel Manchester City (6 May . A .) If the midfielder took a challenge to maintain a rapid 0-3, 0-4 , and can not be reversed. hey success ” 

United have had a big problem with all 12 defensive games in all competitions this season having only one clean sheet.