‘Pochettino’ suggests reducing technology in some areas.

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Mauricio Pochettino joins in giving his opinion on VAR, saying that the use of technology should be reduced in some situations but keep the automatic offside check and the goal line. And returning to believing in the decision of the

VAR referee became a big issue in the game that Tottenham Hotspur beat Liverpool after a communication error from the person who watched the video slowly, Pochettino

. No therefore suggests that the complexity of using technology should be reduced. And turned to trust in the decisions of the referee more. ยููฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com/

“I believe in VAR and VAR management. I believe in the car, but what about the driver?” That’s the problem,” Pochettino said.

“For me it’s about simplifying the situation. After seeing many things that had happened over the years. It is important to give more power back to referees. Accept when a foul occurs because sometimes the perspective is different from when the referee is being judged live. and believe in the judge’s decision”

“It’s difficult to deal with when you see the moments through VAR. “

Some moments they might be more important. But sometimes football players know that things aren’t what you see on the screen. “

Offside and goal lines are two things that should be kept. Of course, if there’s a serious moment, you can go check with VAR. But regarding penalties, certain moments during the game, that’s the responsibility of the referee.” “Believe

in the referee because right now we’re not happy with VAR, we’re not happy with the person controlling VAR, but things What’s worse is that we’re not happy with the referee and that’s the problem. “

We have to reconsider a bit in the future. Maybe taking a step back would make things easier and clearer.”