Rio Ferdinand and Michael Owen Debate Salah or Suarez

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Rio Ferdinand and Michael Owen, two BT Sport analysts, have their own opinions on who is Liverpool’s best forward after 2010, with Mohamed being named the first. D Salah, with the latter holding Luis Suarez.

Ferdinand looked about evenly over the four years since joining the Anfield career of Egypt as the ‘ Baby Gold ‘ raised concerns about the ultimate breaking 31 goals in the Premier League in season 2013-14 was the reason cited. to  

“ If the best performance of both of them I would choose Mo Salah considering what he has been for the last four years. That being their top scorer every year , top scorer against Liverpool again this season. I think that guy is very valuable. ” Ferdinand opened first.  

Rio Ferdinand and Michael Owen Debate Salah or Suarez

“ And what’s even better, in my opinion, above consistency is that he is part of a team that has won important trophies. It plays a huge part in either the English Premier League or the Champions League. ” 

“ For me, watching him play is entertaining but turns into a hangman when he gets the ball in the box. ” 

But Owen argues that the Latin spear Suarez is better. 

” The answer in my opinion is to give Suarez , who played for Brendan Rodgers’ season 2013-14. Its better than I’ve ever seen that before in my life .”  

Of course, ‘ Ferdy ‘ doesn’t give up saying that awesomeness is measured in team success, not personal performance.

” It’s about who plays well , who scores a lot and helps the team win the league. “

“ It’s a lot more pressure when crushing on who’s at the top , fighting for the title. I’m not going to say which is easier. but pointing to the pressure in the broader picture. ” 

“ Salah has done it every season in this league. ” 

Like ‘ Baby Gold ‘ is not claiming that the ‘ Reds ‘ last eight seasons before almost won, if not the end of the tire.  

“ That season they slipped the championship, but Suarez was sharp from start to finish. ” 

That Ferdinand garden impromptu ” but he can not shoot as the team won the league , but even as a champion of the fight . With !”. 

The conclusion of the matter to yield to the portfolio Salah Games in Rio . Yesterday at Atletico . Madrid , the score was equal to that beat Liverpool 9 matches all items. He is the first player in the club’s history.