Sokratis says there will be more Obama-like behavior in the fence.

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Sokratis Papastathopoulos Former Arsenal defender commented that. The former club’s football business is not smart. Because of the reluctance to cancel the contract for Shin’s heart More than sell. And withdrawing capital which when there are many cases. It is believe that in the future generations of children will be imitate.

In the past two years ‘ Cannons ‘ canceled the contracts of senior players with the willingness of many parties. Because they were not in the team plans or created drama that affects the organization. Such as in the case of Mesut Ozil , Willian , Chodan Mustafi , Sead Kolasinac or most recently Pierre – Emerick Aubameyang.

Which when ‘ Auba ‘ stops retiring and is determined to UFABET work for Barcelona. ​​The new agency has already hit 8 goals from 9 Liga games .  

So Sokratis, who is currently at Olympiakos, suggests Arsenal must be more stubborn against the troublemaker. 

” Aubameyang was not the only player who left Arsenal with contract termination at the willingness of both parties – many have, including me, ” he told Sun Sport .

“ I don’t know the details, personally I don’t think it’s the right choice. The problem should be solved in a different way. ” 

“ Having had the opportunity to know ‘ Auba ‘ for many years, I knew what the potential he could do as a player. And that guy is going to release the stuff at Barça. ” 

If the total selling value of these players is equal to the minimum, the ‘ Cannons ‘ lost the money they should have from the auction not less than 80 million pounds , but the team agreed to exchange for the comfort of the current working atmosphere. and save labor costs